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Rules of safe and secure work
It is strongly advised to follow these rules in order to ensure a secure access to service:
Keep your key mediums (smart-key dongles, USB flash drives, CDs) in places inaccessible for third parties. Do not keep your keys on a hard drive, in network directories and other publicly available resources, or always use encryption.
Keep in secret your key access password, do not write it down on stickers or store it on key mediums, never tell your password anybody over the phone, even bank’s employees.
Use email or text message (SMS) informing to get information on sent payments. If you suspect any fraud activity, contact the bank immediately!
Employ built-in lock options on your mobile device (login/password, PIN or finger print).
It is recommended to follow these basic rules of data protection on personal computers:
Please use only trusted computers with licensed software, an antivirus and a firewall. Perform regular antivirus computer scanning and update your browsers and antiviruses databases in due time.
Do not open suspicious email and attached files from unknown senders, never click hyperlinks in such messages.
Do not use an administrator account in your OS unless necessary. Perform regular tasks under a non-administrator account.
Do not setup unwanted software and add-ons from the Internet.
It is advised to use a separate computer for working in the Internet banking service.
Do not keep login and password on publicly available computer devices.
Keep in secret your bank card number, its expiration date, CVV/CVC and batch code.
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